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#147845 - MEBANOL: Normans, Britons, BRAVEHEART
maker:  <noname>
catalogue no: 
material:  synthetic resin
condition:  I
price:  50.00 Euro
description:  Manufacturer: Mebanol. The series of the British with knight and magician was first introduced in 1999 in the Meba catalog. They were the complement of the first Braveheart figures of the special series S / 06 and S / 05 (Braveheart and William Wallace) - and only briefly in the program. On offer: a flag bearer of the Britons from the Meba. Catalog no. B05. Very good original condition. Very rare.


I very good, never used, without any marks
II good, played with, small paint flakes and cracks
III  major paint flakes and missing parts
IV poor, major damage

Note: Restorations and repainting must be described as these facts are not part of this condition code. Interim states may be indicated using + (better) and - (worse).


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