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No.   Item Euro
72985   Schleuderer Bem III b gelb, I 15.00
72936   Prinz Arne von Ord Bem II, I 45.00
72822   Römerdiorama Nachbau 7cm komplett, I+ 5000.00
72581   Klekhi-petra Bem I, II+ 50.00
72575   Dick Stone Bem. I., I-II 22.50
72055   Römer Schleuderer Bem. II, I- reserved
71453   Red indians hunting stag, I+ 167.00
71074   Red indian chief standing, I+ 47.50
71070   Norman lying on ground, I+ 37.50
71065   Red indian standing with tomahawk, I+ 47.50
70925   Settler sitting bounded, I+ 37.50
70819   US cavalry standing hit by bullet, I+ 47.50
70818   Red indian sitting, I+ 47.50
68346   Diorama für 7cm Wild West, I 275.00

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Condition Codes

I very good, never used, without any marks
II good, played with, small paint flakes and cracks
III  major paint flakes and missing parts
IV poor, major damage

Note: Restorations and repainting must be described as these facts are not part of this condition code. Interim states may be indicated using + (better) and - (worse).

Collector's Books

Prinz Eisenherz in der Neuen Welt - Band 6, Hal Forster, 6.95 Euro.

Troja - Mythos und Wirklichkeit, Margarete Müller - Marsall, 9.95 Euro.

Prinz Eisenherz zwischen Leben und Tod - Band 7, Hal Forster, 6.95 Euro.

Prinz Eisenherz zwischen Leben und Tod - Band 7, Hal Forster, 6.95 Euro.

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