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150567   Germania: Trapper, cowboy. Wild west figure, I+ 45.00
150566   Germania: Trapper, cowboy. Wild west figure, I+ 45.00
150565   Germania: US Civil War, figures-convolute, I- 100.00
150564   Germania: US Civil War, I+ 45.00
150563   Germania: US Civil War., I+ 45.00
150562   Germania: US Civil War., I+ 45.00
150561   Germania: US Civil War., I+ 45.00
150560   Germania: US Civil War., I+ 45.00
150559   Germania: US Civil War., I+ 45.00
150558   Original Germania rebuilding: Viking woman, I+ reserved
150557   Germania: Vikings, Teutons, Celts, Slavs, I- 60.00
150556   Convolute figure model kits: Huns, III+ reserved
150555   Germania: sutler and soldier, I reserved
150554   Konvolut Germania figures US Revolutionary War, I- 60.00
150553   Germania: Thurn & Taxis / Wild West, II+ reserved
150552   Germania: a farmer's wife for the Wild West., I reserved
150547   Germania: Figures for the Wild West., I+ 60.00
150544   Germania: Two figure model kits for the Wild West, II+ 25.00
150541   Germania: lumberjack, farmer, trapper, II+ 20.00
150540   A figure model kit (shepherd) for the farm., I+ 6.00
150539   Convolute figure model kits for the farm, I 10.00
150039   Lineol - Das Ende der Pferdediebe, I+ 250.00
150038   Lineol - Wild West Bestattung, I+ reserved
150037   Lineol - Wild West Cowboy mit Squaw, I+ 150.00
150036   Lineol - Wild West Cowgirl zu Pferd, I 80.00
150035   Lineol - Wild West Cowgirl zu Pferd, I+ reserved
150034   Lineol - Wild West Cowboy, I+ reserved
150033   Lineol - Wild West Cowgirl, I+ reserved
150032   Lineol - Wild West Bandit, I+ 30.00
150031   Lineol - Wild West Cowboy zu Pferd, I+ reserved

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Condition Codes

I very good, never used, without any marks
II good, played with, small paint flakes and cracks
III  major paint flakes and missing parts
IV poor, major damage

Note: Restorations and repainting must be described as these facts are not part of this condition code. Interim states may be indicated using + (better) and - (worse).

Collector's Books

Lineol-Spielzeugsoldaten, Bunker & Zubehör, F. Preibsch, 16.00 Euro.

Die Armee Gustav Adolfs, Richard Brzezinski - Richard Hook, 9.95 Euro.

Kunststoff-Figuren Sammlerführer 2004/2005, Volker Reichmann, Norbert Schrepf, 45.00 Euro.

Die kaiserliche Armee Österreichs, Philip Haythornthwaite, 9.95 Euro.

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