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Das Lineol Bilderbuch - Band 2

Holger Timm & Peter Pfefferkorn

The main focus was set on the sizes - 4 cm to 18 cm - beside the 7.5 cm figures. The book allows the layperson quick entry into the matter and offers the experienced collector a large amount of information in print and picture. In such, many seldom figures, vehicles and accessories are illustrated in color for the first time.  
A price category, which quotes the current market prices in a from to price range, helps new and experienced collectors to orientate oneself. 
DIN A4 format, landscape, hardcover. 172 pages. German language.  

Preis: 75.00 Euro

Shipping and handling
      Germany:   5.00 Euro
      Europe:   7.00 Euro
      world:   8.00 Euro(surface)
10.00 Euro(air mail)


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