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The Figures Journal represents the first interactive and worldwide available Internet forum for collectors and dealers of figurines. We include figures of all type of materials like pewter, plastic, composition, wood, paper, porcelain and others.

In order to make full use of the functionality of this website, you must register yourself as a member.

Registration is simple!

To become a member of the Figures Journal website, we only need some of your personal data, including your e-mail address. Please complete the form on the new member registration page.


Why should you register?

There are many reasons for becoming a registered member of the Figures Journal website:

1. Get in contact with dealers
As a member you may reserve interesting items on our sales list. This is the only way to get in contact with the seller.

2. Offer your items for free
As a member you have the option of selling your own items on our sales list and getting in contact with potential buyers.

3. Online archive for manufacturers' catalogues
As a member you have access to our online archive, where we store images of original manufactures' sales catalogues. This archive will be updated regularly.

4. Participate in online discussions.
As a member you may participate in information exchange with others. This will enable you to submit your own comments about articles and reports published on the Figures Journal website.

5. Online chat
As a member you may participate in our online chat at the Figures Journal website. This will allow you to ask other members questions about figure collecting.

6. Free e-mail newsletter.
As a member you are entitled to our newsletter for free. You will be automatically informed about news and interesting offers on our website. This newsletter is published every fortnight.

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