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Alexey Goncharenko
The best resource on the Internet for our theme. 
The most competent people, serious collection. Best prices in the shops. 
The owners of this site - a special thank you!
Anton Vos
Iam member for a short timecollector of toy soldiers for a long time so ilikes to read expertsen put some askings in it but i dont now how to do it how can i send my askind in expertscan somebody helping me greetings ton
Peter Wall
I found your site recently and really like it. I have become a new member and look forward to interacting with the other members!
Wow, very interesting site, good information, design not bad, webmaster - respect and success !! Thank you very much.
Matt Sales
This is a really great site. I'm not really a collector of composition figures (apart from those which have fallen into the 'magpie' part of my collection) I usually go for Britains old and new, but it as nice to see sites like yours keeping the hobby going and making sure that other collectors can get in touch and find new sources. Thanks - Matt Sales , Tunbridge Wells U.K
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