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The Figures Journal forum is open to all visitors. However, in general and in order to prevent any misuse of these pages, only registered members may add submissions to this forum.

Links to other websites, questions, offers and other submissions must be placed on the relevant pages. The Figures Journal staff reserve the right to edit or delete any submission at any time, without notification or reason.


Experts amongst our members are available here to answer your questions. Put your question here for discussion with our members. The aim of the experts forum is to provide all figure collectors the opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience worldwide. All visitors may read all questions and answers. However, only members may submit their own questions and answers.


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Here you may submit your querries. Your submission will be visible for up to four weeks on our pin board and will be deleted automatically after this time. Only members may send submissions to this page.

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The online chat provides the opportunity to get in contact with collectors worldwide and to exchange knowledge and experience. This chat may be read by all visitors, but only members may participate in it.

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In our guestbook you may leave comments about the Figures Journal website. Please let us know what you liked about our website and what services could be improved. The guest book is open to all members and visitors.

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