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Boxed Lineol Dioramas
Collectors pay enormous sums for fake Lineol playsets.
essay, 08.04.2009
Figures made by Straubolin
Straubolin produced mainly copies of Elastolin figures, but only very few figures of its own.
essay, 26.09.2004
Animal Figures made by Nardi Fratelli
Porcelain figures made in Italy are mostly very perfect. However the composition animal figures made by Nardi Fratelli are far from perfect in general.
essay, 26.09.2004
Animal Figures made by Fröha
The FRÖHA company produced animal figures made of composition between 1946 until 1963.
essay, 04.10.2005
Animal Figures made by Danolin
After 1945 Danolin produced mainly copies of the Elastolin and Lineol animal figures.
essay, 26.09.2004

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