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02. Februar 2017
Hello Fellow Collectors,
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Boxed Lineol Dioramas
Collectors pay enormous sums for fake Lineol playsets.

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Kunststoff-Figuren Sammlerführer 2004/2005

The guide for simple and quick identification, classification and appraisal of hard plastic figures of the Hausser Company.

author: Volker Reichmann, Norbert Schrepf
price: 45.00 Euro.

Kunststoff-Figuren Sammlerführer 2004/2005

You will find additional recommended literature for toy figure collectors online on our book list.

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03.03. 72, anticomondo Auktion
Bornheim, Germany
03.03. 116. Wormser Spielzeug-Auktion
Worms-Pfeddersheim, Germany

You will find additional events online on our calendar. These dates are given by the organisors of the events. The Figures Journal does not take any responsibility for these events or when they take place. We recommend that you get in contact with the organisors prior to the event.

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Sales List

Lineol 7,5cm Coldstream band soldier
Euro 120.00
Lineol Elefanten um 1930
Euro 825.00
Extrem seltenes Zebu um 1920
Euro 600.00
LINEOL: sehr seltener Tapir um 1920
Euro 50.00
Römer Diorama
Euro 349.00
Hausser Feldwagen in grau
Euro 425.00
Elastolin Steinschleuder/Blide 7 Cm Im Ok
Euro 100.00
Il Duce Benito Mussolini + 2 treue Fascisten
Euro 225.00
Limesturm 4cm Figuren Fertigmodell Beschädigt
Euro 54.00
Regiments Soldat
Euro 8.99
2 stk. Trommler Washingtonarmee
Euro 65.00
SISO Blacksmith 1:24
Euro 20.00
Cafe Storme Gallier 6cm - TOP bemalt
Euro 8.00
8 Masse Matrosen für Schiffe und Karussells
Euro 40.00
Klekhi petra 2a
Euro 49.50

Additional offers you will find on the Figures Journal® Website.

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Hi!I'm looking for DIEDHOFF plastic medievals, romans, hun, etc.Hallo,Ich suche nach DIEDHOFF Kunststoff medievals, römer, hun, usw.Vielen Danke!Danny Daniel-Augusto Peyronel

grey socket figures

hi, i am looking for rare grey colored socket figures from Lineol. brown and black uniforms. feel free to offer Stefan Naumburg

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