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No.   Item Euro
124610   Norman standing 2a, I+ reserved
124609   Man carrying water buckets 2a, I+ reserved
124607   Siege ladder boxed, I+ reserved
124599   King unpainted, I+ reserved
124598   Siege tower and box, I+ reserved
124596   15 spotsmen, I reserved
124595   4 Archer, I 17.50
124594   Siege ladder boxed, I+ reserved
124593   3 men for Blacksmith, I 14.50
124592   Moveable shield boxed, I reserved
124591   Valiant and Archer, I 9.00
124584   Hun mounted 3a, I reserved
124583   Norman mounted with lance 2a, I sold
124582   Cowboy mounted with pistol 2a, I 105.00
124581   Indian mounted with shield and tomahawk 2a, I 150.00
124580   Cowboy mounted with rifle 2a, I- 89.00
124579   Trapper standing with 2 pistols 2nd, I- 16.00
124578   Cowboy kneeling shooting with rifle 2nd J 2 Versio, I 16.00
124577   Cowboy standing with rifle 2nd J 2 Version, I reserved
124576   Cowboy kneeling shooting with rifle 2nd J 1 Versio, I reserved
124575   Indian shooting bow J 1. Version, I 17.95
124574   Indian standing with knife J 1 Version, I 17.50
124573   Indian standing with shield J 1 Version, I 16.50
124572   Knight running 2a, I reserved
124571   Knight marching with lance 2nd, I- 6.50
124570   Knight with lance 2nd, I 8.00
124569   Skorpion boxed, I+ reserved
124568   Euthytonon, I+ reserved
124567   Archer shooting upwards, I-II sold
124565   Archer shooting upwards, I-II reserved

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Condition Codes

I very good, never used, without any marks
II good, played with, small paint flakes and cracks
III  major paint flakes and missing parts
IV poor, major damage

Note: Restorations and repainting must be described as these facts are not part of this condition code. Interim states may be indicated using + (better) and - (worse).

Collector's Books

Die Armee Gustav Adolfs, Richard Brzezinski - Richard Hook, 9.95 Euro.

Prinz Eisenherz und die Goldene Prinzessin - Band 5, Hal Forster, 6.95 Euro.

Das Lineol - Bilderbuch 2004, Holger Timm & Peter Pfefferkorn, 25.00 Euro.

Spielzeugsoldaten, Norman Joplin, 7.00 Euro.

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