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No.   Item Euro
123926   Norman operating equipment 2a - rare, I reserved
123925   Archer loading bow 2a, I reserved
123924   Arne von Ord 2a, I 55.00
123923   Archer shooting downwards 2a, I sold
123922   Indian standing with knife and pistol 2a, I 27.00
123921   Medicine man 2a, I- sold
123920   Cowboy sittling with rifle, I 12.00
123919   Bandit mounted 3a, I 6.50
123918   Soldier marching with flag unpainted, I reserved
123917   Viking throwing spear, I 12.95
123916   Viking assaulting with sword, I 11.95
123915   Viking hitting with sword, I reserved
123914   Lady of the castle 3a, I- 15.00
123913   Norman standing with sword, I 12.50
123912   Man carrying water buckets 3a, I 12.95
123911   Woman carrying water bucklet 3a, I sold
123910   Archer reaching for arrow, I reserved
123909   Archer shooting downwards, I reserved
123908   Archer shooting upwards 3a, I 13.00
123907   Norman on rearing horsewith spear 3a boxed, I 49.00
123906   Hun mounted with axe, I 35.00
123905   Legionary marching, I 11.95
123904   Roman mounted with cape 3a, I reserved
123903   Legionary marching, I 19.00
123902   Roman running with bow 3a, I 14.50
123901   Roman mounted with raised sword 3a, I 27.50
123900   Knight standing with sword 2a, I sold
123899   Knight with sword 2nd, I 9.95
123898   Knight with lance 2a, I 12.00
123897   Knight with lance 2nd, I 9.00

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Condition Codes

I very good, never used, without any marks
II good, played with, small paint flakes and cracks
III  major paint flakes and missing parts
IV poor, major damage

Note: Restorations and repainting must be described as these facts are not part of this condition code. Interim states may be indicated using + (better) and - (worse).

Collector's Books

Mongolen Krieger 1200 - 1350, Stephen Turnbull, 9.95 Euro.

Ergänzungsblätter für Hausser Händlerkatalog, Firma Hausser, 2.50 Euro.

Die kaiserliche Armee Österreichs, Philip Haythornthwaite, 9.95 Euro.

Elastolin Schaustücke, Andreas Pietruschka, 61.00 Euro.

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